Why Drinking Alcohol Can Cause Bruising

If you take one of these drugs and you’ve noticed bruises, check with your doctor. But don’t stop taking any medicine before you talk to them. This means it’s a substance that actually relaxes the muscular walls of the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow to the skin and tissues — aka a blood thinner. If you are experiencing alcohol and bruising serious medical symptoms, please see the
National Library of Medicine’s list
of signs you need emergency medical attention or call 911. There are more than 100 types of liver disease, according to the American Liver Foundation. On top of that, your blood vessels become more fragile, so even the slightest bump can leave a mark.

bruising easily alcohol

The symptoms of hemophilia can be mild or severe, depending on how much clotting factor is present in the affected person’s blood. Finally, a person with an alcohol use disorder will likely give up other activities, because their focus is on drinking. They may stop participating in hobbies, or withdraw from friends and family members, because their desire to drink is stronger than their need for social interaction https://ecosoberhouse.com/ or other forms of recreation. Withdrawal side effects can be incredibly uncomfortable, which can lead a person to resume drinking to alleviate these side effects. Because of this fact, a person with an alcohol use disorder may have several failed attempts to stop drinking. What all of this means is that people who live with an alcohol use disorder are likely to consume large quantities of alcohol.

When to see a doctor about bruising

“Having a vitamin deficiency can hinder your body’s ability to create blood clots, which can lead to bigger and darker bruises,” Dr. Johnston says. Specifically, deficiencies in vitamins K and C can cause more severe and sometimes unexplainable bruising. A doctor can perform tests to see whether a person has a vitamin deficiency.

When you get an injury, blood may leak from the vessels (veins and capillaries) under your skin. The discoloration you see as a bruise on the surface of your skin is from blood that has pooled in or under your skin. On people with light skin tones, bruises may start out red or purple soon after the injury, then turn light brown, green, or yellow as it heals. On people with dark skin tones, bruises can look purple, dark brown, or black. Von Willebrand disease, the most prevalent bleeding disorder, affects about 1% of the population. A person with this condition has little or no von Willebrand protein, which is important for blood clotting.

Skin Aging

We provide online medication assisted treatment for alcohol use, so you can begin your recovery from home. While bumping into something while drinking may seem relatively harmless, the truth is that excessive drinking can set you up for serious injuries from falling or other accidents. Furthermore, in extreme cases, bruises from drinking can be a sign of liver damage, which can be dangerous. When drinking becomes compulsive, as is the case with alcohol use disorder, a person may place themselves in danger when consuming alcohol, because drinking becomes more important than safety. Examples of drinking in dangerous situations include driving while under the influence or drinking before operating some form of heavy machinery.

bruising easily alcohol

If alcohol begins to interfere with daily functioning, but you have been unsuccessful with giving up drinking, seeking treatment can help you to stay committed to recovery. Other signs of an alcohol use disorder include spending a significant amount of time drinking, or consuming larger quantities of alcohol than intended. A person may also develop a tolerance for alcohol, meaning that they need larger and larger amounts to obtain the desired effects. Certain medications can affect how blood components function.

When to seek medical advice

Easy bruising can cause large bruises in multiple areas of the body, often at the same time. The most common cause is aging or the side effect of medications such as blood thinners or chemotherapy. The discolorations can be caused by rare bleeding disorders or other rare medical conditions.

bruising easily alcohol

It increases the risk of various types of cancer, as well as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Another health-related risk linked to chronic alcohol misuse is liver disease, which is often the cause of bruising from alcohol. Which treatment you might need depends on the cause of your bruises.

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